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Morgan Homes' inspiration originates from the desire to revive classic architecture.  Our enthusiasm for architecture has lead us to research and study these awe inspiring designs.  Here are a few of our favorites…   

French Provincial


Originating from the reign of Louis XIV in the mid 1600’s, French Provincial architecture is the stateliest of all French architecture.  Steeply pitched hipped roofs and unmistakably balanced windows provide a grand stature from the street.  These homes belonged to the upper class who could afford to have artisans create amazing details like carved limestone window casings, copper finials, balconies and porches with stone balusters, and elaborate iron work.

French Normandy


The French Normandy home is a cozy and romantic style that features a round tower topped by a cone-shaped roof.  This style is borrowed from Normandy where grain silos were attached to the living quarters.  Exterior facades are usually of mixture of stone and stucco with a gabled roof.  Shutters, wood window lintels, and iron work are also very common on French Normandy homes. 

French Country


Relaxed and eclectic, French country homes are the most interesting of all.  These homes were built by the less wealthy citizens of France.  They used any materials they could find; adding on to their homes when they found the right materials, creating a mix of new and old.  It is common to have varied size and shape windows along with having the exterior a mixture of stone, stucco, and wood.  An eclectic mix of scavenged materials creates an intimate romantic interior.

American East Coast


The American East Coast architecture of Cape Cod, Nantucket Island, and Matha’s Vineyard is another one of our favorites.  Cropped up on the eastern seaboard between 1710 and 1850, these casual costal homes awaken the senses by assimilating land and sea into every space.  Painted beadboard wainscoting, shaker style cabinetry, and lots of natural light are staples in these cozy designs.     

American Craftsman


The Craftsman home developed from the arts and crafts movement.  These homes typically have hipped roofs with various bays, gables, and other handcrafted accents made from wood or metal.  It is also common for these homes to have large front porches for gathering.   

Modern Farmhouse


The Modern Farmhouse blends the cozy rustic feel of a farmhouse with a sleek modern industrial feel.  Board and batten siding, metal standing seam roof,  and goose neck lamps are staples in this design.



This style is a blends sleek modern lines with traditional roof lines.  Large windows, neutral uniform colors, and balance define these sophisticated exteriors.

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